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Gintas & Kathy got engaged whilst staying with us


Gintas proposed to Kathy on a boat trip to small Curaçao, we wish both of them all the 

happiness in the world. Next time when they come to Malika Apartments they will come as  Mr and Mrs. Gintas. Congrats!!

Gintas and Kathy.jpg

Behrouz surprised us with a so delicious dish one afternoon.


This dish was really but really delicious, Behrouz's wife Zahra cooked and they surprised us with this dish it was chicken but not ordinary chicken it has this so tasteful hmmm flavor with a rice they brought from their country as we say in Curaçao: masha dushi mes !!!!

Our guest Mr. Richard Margarita took these amazing pics, which he shared with us.

While snorkeling with his wife he took the pictures.

Thank you so much Richard!! very kind guest

Invited by our guests to be their guest

Mr PJ went fishing and he catched a delicious tuna fish !!!

We had a wonderful night, very social guests!

Vicky(Eva) & Carsten had a super great time at Malika Apartments and they enjoyed the beautiful nearby beaches.

Eva and carsten had a barbeque night with other guests in the neighborhood, see images.

Eva and Carsten thank you very much for the images, you were special!

Hanno & Lilly enjoyed their vacation so much at Malika Apartments

These images were taken by our guest Hanno as he enjoyed the views so much reason why he took the pics  and reason also why we have them on Malika's site. Enjoy the view !!!!.

Aurika and her husband enjoyed the night ambiance of Malika Apartments

These pictures were taken by Aurika and her husband, they had a great time at the nearby beautiful sandy beaches and the warmth of the sun afterwards they came to cool down at the pool. Its obvious that they enjoyed the relaxed ambiance at night, the lights and the beautiful stars in the sky with the surround music of the wind so romantic!!

Jules Torti and friend had a spoiled vacation(their words)

Jules and her friend wrote the longest review and took these pics which are beautiful as I've never seen the flowers from this view, gracias Jules!!!!

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